The Curious Incident of the Rehearsal in the Daytime.

Good morning, Good evening, Good night. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I do hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day. Last Thursday, from the early morning to late in the afternoon, there was an all-day rehearsal into practising our rendition of Simon Stephen’s ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ for the upcoming exam next week and it left me a strange sense of… I don’t want to say ‘reminisce’ considering it wasn’t all that long ago, but even during the day, it was sad knowing that despite never having done anything like that before, we would never have an opportunity to do such a thing again.

But, besides the depressing tone of the opening, it was actually a really fun day. For those unfamiliar with the story- much like I was before we actually had to perform it– the story of ‘Curious Incident’ is about a fifteen-year-old named Christopher; a boy with Aspergers, finding a way to cope with the death of his neighbor’s dog ‘Wellington’ by finding the dog’s killer. At the story’s beginning, we are told by Christopher’s father, Ed that his mother had passed away. This was a lie that Christopher soon discovers; the truth is that his mother had actually been living in London with their neighbour Mr Shears after an affair.

This felt wrong to me. The reason being, in the mark scheme, you must perform two different extracts from the same text; most likely from separate acts in one play. In extract one, I play Ed. Emotionally distant, angry-man Ed who’d previously lost everything once his wife left him. In the second? I play ‘Roger’- also known as Mr Shears, the man who essentially ruined Ed’s entire life. But. Oh well.

Anywho, I thought it would be a sensible idea to give you a brief catchup on why I haven’t posted in the last few days. Given the exam next week, I’ve been working hard to learn the lines due to me being ill over the past week. With any luck, next week things will be back to normal and we will continue from there. Thank you so much for reading this little extract, I cannot thank you enough! See you all soon!

A happy note to end on.


For those of you much in the same position, (by that I mean in the lead up to exams) the good news is you’re almost through the thick of it now. In just over two months, it’ll all be over and you’ll be unto one big, long Summer in which to dedicate your time to whatever you feel like. You’re doing so well this far, so just keep on pushing, mmhkay?

Stay happy,


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