Revision Sucks. It’s boring. Revise with others? Maybe it’s less so.

A recent study suggests GCSE students should spend at least seven hours a day during the Easter Holidays studying. Seven hours. To anyone taking such studies seriously… you’re a whole lot braver than I am.

Good morning, Good evening, Good night. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I do hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day! Recently, as I’m sure at least a few of you know the feeling, I’ve been severely suffering from the boredom of studying. Despite being nothing except reading from a boring ol’ textbook the size of your head, revision has to be one of the world’s most exhausting activities of all time. How is that even possible?! Arguably, I’m not really the biggest reader but still!

Nonetheless, there are still maybe one to two ways that come in handy… If you’re new to this whole thing, just remember it’s never too late.

Try it with others.

Now, the reason I’m starting with this point is that this might just be the riskiest out of the three. The reason I say that is because, on Monday afternoon I had a smaller group of friends over to hopefully study English Literature. This did fall down once we became distracted, but the following day (given it was in more of a classroom environment) I did the same thing, but it happened to work. A large part of it, I suppose, would be to ensure that you are surrounded by people who would not only work but that you can work well with.

– In my defence, if my Monday afternoon guests end up reading this, I’m not saying we couldn’t have worked well? We just didn’t work! –

This can work well, because it has the potential to build a vivid understanding of tricky subjects, from other people your own age who have the potential to speak on your level! You’ll make research ultimately less dull, whilst still sharing the workload across. Learning quotes? Anything.

Try narrowing it down.

When it comes to learning something new, be it lines from a script or a simple game of remembrance, one of the most common things to do is make flash cards. They’re quick, little pieces to recap through and through. On the other side of a quote for a example, you could also write where it’s from, who said it, the themes or contextual impacts it carries in the text for another person to quiz you on. Could even be anything. Similarly, where when you’re learning a speech how a PowerPoint can work as brief reminders for your following points, you could use flash cards as reminders for topics you need to remember. Almost making it routine.

Another thing that could definitely come in handy, is learning the things you don’t already know. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But something I would for sure recommend is making a ‘Red, Amber, Green’ list. You take a list of all of the things you need to know for your exam, or whatever it may be; the things you don’t understand at all would be Red, sort of understand would be Amber and obviously the things you understand really well would be Green. The red subjects would be the ones to know immediately, whereas the amber topics you can learn steadily overtime, hopefully leading to a good all around understanding!

Make use of your tech.

Okay, so. The fact that i have to write this paragraph makes every bone in my body feel oh so very sickly! But speaking from experience, phones can both be the killer of all productivity and the potential carrier for so much productivity, it’s strange!

For some examples, for apps there’s: ‘Bitesize’, ‘Quizlet’, ‘Kahoot’, ‘Gojimo’ (though, Gojimo gets a little easy since every answer it just the top answer) and many more.

There’s even YouTube channels like ‘crash course’ which can come in extremely, extremely handy for memory’s-sake.

Try Tutoring.

Lastly, although to some this may sound like an expensive ordeal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a form of expensive course or entry fee. In my case a loving family member, or maybe an older friend; either way having the opportunity to talk through the topics or repeat aspects repeatedly, it really does help!

Take it from me!

A happy note to end on.

Well, this all may seem so very stressful, especially if you’re late to start, but please just remember it’s never too late! Never too late to change, or do something about it. Just start with something hard you don’t understand. You’ll feel so good afterward, that sort of happiness will serve as inspiration to keep going unto better things.

A good thing to note is that, when we think about things as big as exams, all we can think about is all the things we don’t know. Never necessarily the things we do. You know so much more than you give yourself credit for. Stay strong, it’s almost over now.

Stay happy,


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