Public Intervention.

Well… This certainly wasn’t what I expected when walking from one friend’s house to the next.

Good morning, Good evening, Goodnight. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day! Mine was… rather interesting. In a group of four, we walked from friend’s house to the next. Once we got to the end of the road, however, we were soon intervened by a sweet looking man (maybe mid-thirties) accompanied by his son (who looked no older than four or maybe five) who asked us if he could ask us a couple of questions.

When he first asked our attention, we figured it would be to ask for directions (though I would be incredibly clueless on that subject) so we stopped to talk. His question was actually if we believed in Heaven… which admittedly was a strange, unexpected question to hear. He asked if we first believed in it and how we thought one would get to Heaven. He told us that the most common thought process was that ‘good people’ go to heaven, whilst the ‘bad souls’ are sent to Hell.

He then went on to say about how, there’s extracts in the Bible which say we all sin. We all lie, whilst lying on top of murder is one of the worst sins. He asked us if we knew who Jesus Christ was… I thought that would be a safe assumption… but, he told us that belief in God and Jesus would help reaching heaven!

So that was eventful. Admittedly, I did admire his confidence to willingly approach a group of teenagers… especially when two of my friends essentially laughed in his face… but I did feel sorry for him. I kept a straight face. Luckily.

A happy note to end on.

As ever, I’d like to thank you so, so much for reading. I’m incredibly grateful that you made it this far. If anything similar’s happened to you or you have a similar experience, please feel free to leave them down below! The good news is, things are getting warmer ‘n’ soon we can all enjoy one summer. Thank youuu again so much for reading and I hope to see you soon.

Stay happy,


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