Dear World Politics.

Dear World Politics. By no stretch of the imagination am I anything clever. By no stretch of the imagination does it take a genius to think along the same lines as I do. However, as I’m sure many people in the ‘blogosphere’ are currently talking about, I thought I’d weigh in my own opinions on the whole ‘Syria’ situation.

Of course, given the fact that it is an incredibly sensitive subject, I only ask that across the board none of you take offence, or take the word of a teenager too much to heart. I’m also not saying that the excessive, repeated readings of ‘An Inspector Calls’ and my own moral compass make me a world expert, but these are simply my own opinions.

To make one thing very clear, I’m not saying that in anyway I’d ever condone the use of ‘chemical weaponry’, but I’m not sure it was right to directly intervene the way ‘we’ did. We being the royal ‘we’. Though I may have my facts wrong, I believe the intervention came about as a punishment for the use of chemical weapons on the population of Syria… but we shouldn’t have just taken it upon ourselves to fire warning missiles at the situation. If anything, there’s a reason for all of this. There’s a reason why the chemicals were used in the first place, so why could we not have worked with the struggling population to resolve whatever issue there may have been to begin with?

An event that made me feel particularly awful, was looking over Snapchat to see a publicised ‘live story’ when the events first began to transpire, where teens my age posted videos in fear, where explosions boomed what must have been metres above the houses of innocent people. They were scared. The fact we could sit and idly watch other people our own age suffering in fear, from the comfort of our own rooms felt wrong to me. The realisation, that in the world we live in now that could truly happen to anyone was more than awful to think.

… but it really can’t be that hard to figure out… all I’m saying is, if for once we worked together toward the ‘peaceful-future’, each country could strive in ways never seen before. Preferably in a way that made it so not every country sat constantly with a gun toward one another. I wish people would sooner come to the realisation that all of these issues could be simply resolved by talking about what it is everyone needs… we don’t see eye to eye politically. The rules may not even ever match up. But if there were a way to help each other ‘nd leave all of these things behind, then that would be the best case scenario.

A happy note to end on

Good morning, Good evening, Goodnight. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your day to read the things I had to say. I think the bottom line is, I’m no genius… but it there were ever a way to work out the differences, there’d be no better time than now!

Thank you so much for reading… please don’t take offence, just stating the obvious.

Stay happy,


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