How ‘Marvel: The Worst to Best’ Was Made.

Good morning, Good evening, Goodnight! No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful day! For those either new to the blogging scene, or hoping to get into it; an important thing to know is that you don’t need photoshop or anything too, too expensive to create subjectively beautiful posts!

All you need is two or three free applications (including your chosen blogging platform be it ‘blogger’ or ‘WordPress’ or anything else) and you can create images like this…

If you’d like to read the post in its entirety, you can read it here!


‘VSCO’ is a free app developed by ‘Visual Supply Company’, in which you can create beautiful images in the click of a few buttons: import, edit, choose your filters, export- and it really is as simple as that!

  1. Import.
  2. Edit.
  3. Play around & Export!

2. Snapseed.

The second app to which i would recommend, is another photo editing app known as ‘Snapseed’. Much like VSCO, Snapseed has many, many incredible editing options, my favourite? The text features! All you have to do is:

  1. Open up ‘Snapseed’
  2. Choose the image you’d like to edit!
  3. Edit however you choose!

By the end of this short edit, you’d have a beautiful looking image; completely free of charge! For full information, VSCO does have an OPTIONAL membership, but the free filters are all still great!

here’s the finished product!

A happy note to end on.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to say a big apology for a much shorter post! due to upcoming exams in the next couple of weeks as well as new lifestyle changes, I’ve had considerably less time than I’d like to to dedicate to my works. that being said? I’m ever so happy to say that very soon, content will be back to a steady schedule; with so many more interesting things to come! Thank youuu so much for reading, and I’ll see you all next time.

Stay happy,


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