Sixteen Years.

Good morning, Good evening, Goodnight. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I truly hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful day! and should that day be Monday the Fourteenth of May? Then it’s my birthday! As of today, I’ll officially be sixteen years old!

Sixteen... Considering I really only have a faint memory of the substantial moments in the last six years, to say ‘I don’t remember a fair chunk of that time’ would be more than an understatement! So, I asked my friend ‘what is it like being sixteen?’ to which he responded; ‘well, it feels weird at first.’ – I’ve been weird my whole life, let’s do this!

In the first sixteen years of your life, in the most cheesy way possible, I really guess it is about finding yourself. Throughout the entirety of Primary School, I spent each and every day wrapped up in my own imagination with a best friend of mine, telling these wonderful stories in a made up world I now write into a story! That’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of problems… but in sixteen years, I have managed to surround myself with beautiful, wonderful people, a dream job I’m in love with, a website to share with the world- journies in which I couldn’t be happier that I get to share with all of you- in a life surrounded by love and family I only hope gets better!

Thank you so much for the positivity and loveliness you’ve all graciously pushed in these first two months alone! I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you who choose to stick around for the future- and as ever, thank you so much for reading.

A happy note to end on.

Well. If you couldn’t already tell, this post wasn’t planned at all! It’s currently about eleven o’ clock, the night before my birthday, and I suppose I felt a strong feeling of gratitude for all that I have!

That being said, for those of us in the United Kingdom, the fourteenth of may is a terrible, terrible day. For many, this day is the beginning of the long, overdrawn month exam period. If you’re new around here, I have already spoken extensively on the subject- and for those of you nervous please, please just give this post a read! If you don’t have the time, I just want you to remember that you know so much more than you give yourself credit for. Looking at the sheer extent of how much you have to know, is a scary, scary experience! But just remember that be it through adrenaline, nervousness or maybe some strange concoction of the two, the answers will spark to life! So, take a deep breath, stay calm, stay in the right mind space and most importantly?

Stay happy,


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