Wannabe Normal – ‘Get a real Job’

Well? Answer me this. What do you do when your boss doesn’t like you very much, but your boss’ boss likes you enough that they’d probably keep you on?

Good morning, Good evening, Goodnight. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful day! For me? Over the last few days I have been a busy, busy bee; reason for that being that I got myself a job! -now I think about it, the way that situation unfolded was kind of crazy too… Saturday morning, I handed out a few CVs and within that first hour alone I got a callback from the owner who said from my previous work experience they’d be happy to offer me a position as both kitchen and front of house staff.

As you’d probably guessed by the mixture of kitchen and front of house, for the foreseeable future I am currently working in a cafe-bar establishment on the harbour. It’s definitely a lovely spot! But lovely doesn’t bode well when you’re washing up… ‘lovely’ just means very, very busy- I’ll get to that later… -which definitely makes sense, seeing as the view is beautiful and the food genuinely is great! But when you’re the one dealing with the dishes of dozens of customers at one time? Well, that definitely isn’t easy.

My second day in the cafe happened to fall on a warm, sunny bank holiday Monday! For those who don’t spend much time in the hospitality environment, bank holidays are bad enough; but add the Sun and plenty of heat to that equation and people will flood inside like never ending flocks! All of these people drinking anything from tea to pints of beer and eating from a menu as expansive as any- that’s a lot to do. But when it’s busy, you’re almost left with five different things to be doing at all times… Since our dishwashing trays don’t have a space to place the utensils, they must all be done separately. This doesn’t sound like much. But when you’re compensating for a constant wave of incoming plates, mugs, glasses, pots and pans, pausing that entire sequence to wash ‘n’ polish a whole armada cutlery is not ideal… so let’s talk about what happened.

It must have been around one in the afternoon, where everything went crazy. The ‘constant flow’ seemed to have tripled and everything quickly turned into a disaster! In terms of needing to be washed, there’s the normal space to the right of the sink. This is normally either just filled with glasses (since you have to be so much more careful dealing with glasses, we tend to do as many as we can separately, of course with exceptions.) plates, tea cups ‘n’ the saucers which they sit upon- but when that space overflows, there’s a stack of trays which can also be filled with a couple extra spaces. All of this was completely backed up. Irreversibly screwed! I had absolutely no idea what to do, especially with both of the owners here or there I felt well and truly screwed!

At this point, the woman who was helping both me and the chiefs that day had to step in… inevitably I moved and my responsibilities quickly became dryer upper! Completely understandable… especially since the whole of the hour long backup was essentially my fault, and I thought I could physically feel the hatred this woman had for me… again? Understandable. But at the end of the shift, we were talking whilst finishing a few last bits around the kitchen and all was well. Clearly the pressure was incredibly stressful ‘n’ possibly placing a newbie on a very important cog of the machine on a day like that was a peculiar decision, but once it was over it was over… and that was incredibly relieving.

Just to break up the pace a little bit, here’s a photo of a beautiful Lamborghini I saw whilst Job hunting…

A happy note to end on.

Well, ladies and gents? What did we learn. Today we learnt life’s important lessons of never placing newbies (especially people like me) in an environment key to business which they could lose control of at anytime. Anyways, to that note I would like to extend the absolute greatest of apologies to my employer and my kitchen-boss, I promise to never (hopefully) let that happen again. Cheers! X

Anyways, lovely people, as usual I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for reading, if you did enjoy as ever I appreciate you making it this far- you didn’t have to take the time out of your day to read this piece, but since you did I am eternally grateful! If you’re a recurring visitor, I’ve been trying to remember for the life of me whether or not the last time we spoke I’d told you all about my prom suit… obviously the clear thing to do would be to go and simply check the last post, but since part of this blog’s theme is prominent teen behaviour, let’s just be lazy and say here!

This is my navy-blue prom suit from ‘Burton’. The finish altogether is incredibly sleek, so despite my initial reluctance to follow the trend of blue this year? Well… that went wrong didn’t it. In my opinion, the suit looks great and the fact that it was simply the first one I tried was even better!

Gosh… this post really has just turned into a life recap. So let’s wrap it up.

For those of you much the same as me, that being still stuck in exam season, I’d like to once again extend you the bestest, bestest luck over the next couple weeks! You’ve got this, you’ll smash it. Good luck. But most importantly?

Stay happy,


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