An Introductory.

Good morning, Good evening, Good night. No matter what time it is for you at the time of reading this, I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day.

My name is Josh Parkin, wannabe-author from the south coast of England. Since you’re reading this, it’s obvious that through one way or another, you’ve somehow Stumbled upon my own little corner of the internet; you may even be curious as to what on Earth it IS that you’ve stumbled across. So, without any further ado- hopefully without Taking up too much of your time- I’ll tell you all about what ‘this‘ is ‘n’ also tell you a little bit about me!

A little about me.

All right, where to begin? I mentioned in the opening to this piece, that I wanted to be an author. As a writer, I do indeed have a long, long story to tell, which despite my reluctance to share any details, at this time- I do hope to eventually (very slowly) release small pieces of information as time goes on. Optimistically, I wish I could promise a 2020 release date, however, when it comes to storytelling- in the least obnoxious way possible- I tend to go a little overly-perfectionist. By this I mean, when I look at a paragraph or the text I’m writing… if it doesn’t look, sound or form well enough or ‘satisfyingly’ enough, I may end removing or just rewriting the entire thing! A little OCD, I know.

Although I’ve never been ‘diagnosed’ as such, I do strongly believe I have OCD in at least one form or another! Because from cleaning, to writing, to colour scheme, to aesthetic- to almost anything I become involved with, I would prefer it to be a certain way. Obsessive maybe. But, the one thing I can say for certain that I DO have, is a little unfortunate thing called ‘Dyspraxia’ (DCD for short) and as much as I wish I could tell you about it… I’m probably the least informed person to tell you about it, to tell the truth. Though, if you are curious, what I understand is that it essentially affects my ability to do basic things, but you can read all about it here.

– Just for the record, I have had no involvement nor contribution to the website I previously mentioned, all rights belong to their respectful owners, as credit goes out to where credit is due.

So, now you know my works, my troubles, now for a bit which is truly about the rest of me; being a student, you can probably tell my punctuation ‘n’ sentence form Is most certainly not what it should be- especially for writing a blog- but, I can only pray that in time I improve. For both your sake and mine. Anyways, as much as I could go on about myself, I’ll try and keep it brief. I’m a little bit of a geek- ‘infinity war’ post definitely coming soon- but, I’m a student; two months away from twenty of the biggest exams of my entire life, so I can only hope to bring you all some mediocre-entertainment, with an obsessive, compulsive need to make people happy. If that is at all possible.

What THIS is.

This, this thread here, is the first piece of what I think can be called a ‘lifestyle blog’. No matter the subject matter, nor the extent of my knowledge of it, I hope to provide at least a mildly entertaining interpretation of events or maybe even my views on various topics. The entirety of that paragraph probably didn’t make any sense in the least, but the point I’m trying to make it that, the purpose of this blog is somewhat hard to explain. The best way I can do it, is only to say, it’s about sharing life experiences. If any readers want to share something similar or simply enjoy the events that take place throughout the next few years of my existence, you’re more than welcome.

The point is, I really do hope that you’re all doing okay. I hope that you’re happy and if you choose to stick around, I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Thank you so much for reading and most importantly…

Stay happy,